Need Supplemental Integration Support? We’ve got you covered.

From line build integration to home line commissioning, we can provide the supplemental labor to support your operation.

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We’re on a mission to provide experienced supplemental labor to support the entire integration process.

Every organization in the automation world is feeling the backlash of a shrinking labor pool, lack of experienced workers, and short project time lines. We're here to make sure you have skilled labor with the training and necessary experience on-demand.

IPS works with your team to help fill the labor gaps and make sure that you have the manpower and the resources to get the job done.

Successful Integration = The Plan + Skilled Labor + Equipment + Time

From line build integration to home line commissioning, our supplemental labor can help fill the gaps, improve efficiency and meet your strict project time-lines.

How we supplement manpower & equipment to leverage your entire integration project.